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by Jeff Johnson, President
Smoky Mountain Chapter 341/Ruffed Grouse Society

For the last four years CC Partridge Patch has served as my base camp to do extensive training for my gun dogs. Clay and Carol Barstad owners of CCPP have been such a great help to our training program and a large part of our success. They have some of the finest ground cover in their fields, which continues to improve each year. The fields vary in size with large wooded lots between them. In normal years you will have duck ponds from ½ - ¾ of an acre in size. These ponds are great for working your dog(s) on his water retrieving skills. Some fields are remote to ensure a safe area for young dogs.

Clay and Carol raise quail, pheasant, Hungarian partridge and chucker for their stock preserve birds. My dogs work both the quail and the chucker. The old saying still rings true “It takes birds, birds and more birds to make a bird dog”. I cannot say enough about the advantage of using a preserve such as this to work your dog(s).

CCPP is also the host to several field trials in the fall and spring. These trials are all “fun” and no pressure. This is a good way to gauge your ability as an owner/trainer with other dogs and their owners. If you need to sharpen your shooting skills Prairie Shooters Club is 10 minutes up the road offering a sporting clay course, 5 stand and skeet. So take a weekend and go have some fun, your dog deserves it.

Recommended Hunting Resource
by Scott Crabtree

CC Partridge Patch in Estill Springs, TN located at the foot of the Cumberland Plateau in southeast TN is an absolute joy, whether your working young dogs getting them ready for the upcoming season, or wanting to give those veterans an opportunity to strut their stuff, this is the place to come. The Barstad's run a first class operation devoted to raising quality birds. They do the whole deal, from egg to mature flyers. And it shows in the field, I've never found any birds any better. Strong, healthy full bodied birds are the norm and I always look forward to enjoying them on the table almost as much as I do in the field. They specialize in quail, pheasant, and chuckar. To see the slide show follow this link.

A Perfect Outdoor Day
by Ron Crabtree

A crisp fall morning with the sunrise just beginning to melt the frost off the leaves is the kind of morning that calls up hunter’s memories of great days in the outdoors. Unfortunately with today’s fast paced lives, past memories are often all we have. That is, unless we find the time to make some new ones.

Recently, on a beautiful fall morning, a group of friends enjoyed one of those memory making mornings right here in Tennessee. They shot ten pheasants each, had their birds cleaned by the staff, and were home in time to watch the afternoon ball games.

The CC Partridge Patch Hunting Preserve in Estill Springs has recently made a substantial commitment to offering the complete hunting experience to their clients. They have just constructed a tower for European/Continental pheasant shoots. For those who may not be familiar with a European Pheasant Shoot, it provides some of the most exciting shooting you can experience. It is all done without walking all day, up and down. hoping to jump birds. The birds are launched, sometimes two at a time, from a tall tower approximately thirty-five feet in the air. Hunters shoot from assigned stations surrounding the tower.

The preserve in Estill Springs is just fourteen miles from Monteagle. A group of Hamilton County hunters with spouses who do not necessarily share their enthusiasm for hunting may have recently discovered a solution. It would be difficult to imagine a more fitting finish to a great day in the field than sitting before the fireplace in your cabin at the Smoke House waiting for the folks in Jim Oliver’s Smoke House Restaurant to tell you the pheasants you shot that day are prepared, and you are ready to enjoy a great meal. You don’t even have to give up the fireplace because there is also one in the restaurant.